H•Media is digital media transformed!

Easily add emotions and sensory content to today’s static media fusing together for the first time touch, sight and sound to captivate your audience.

About Us

H•Media is digital media transformed. A new content unit. Haptagram’s H•Media creation & delivery software platform adds emotions and sensory content to today’s static media fusing together for the first time touch, sight and sound, to hyper-engage audiences and enable new expressive possibilities.
By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we create real-time, realistic multi-sensory experiences for videos or images, delivering deeper emotional feedback and addictive connections with the audience.


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H•Media Creation platform is used by studios and content creators to automatically transform videos and images into responsive experiences that engage the human sense of touch.

Then, the H•Media SDK can be easily integrated with any existing brand, creator, or entertainment app to deliver the generated responsive and immersive content as a seamless experience.

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H•Media for Videos

Ninety percent (90%) of all internet videos are viewed on the smartphone. H•Media takes videos to the next level by delivering an immersive and addictive experience that engages the viewer on a whole new level. Any video could be re-imagined as H•Media video.

H•Media for Animation

H•Media use of cutting-edge AI technology brings digital experiences to life, delivering an unparalleled level of immersion and engagement.

Imagine to infuse animated characters with a real heartbeat or breathing that you can actually feel on your smartphone. For the first time they come alive creating new stories and new possibilities.

H•Media for Music

Digital music transformed. Studios, using the H•Media platform, can deliver music on personal devices in a whole new way, with interactive album artworks and customizable soundscapes that create deeper emotional connections to the music and the artists behind it.

H•Media for Entertainment

Building with the H•Media platform, studios can deliver immersive entertainment experiences to mobile devices, fusing, touch sight, and sound together to entertain and captivate audiences of all ages.

H•Media for Brand Activation

H•Media enables interactive experiences that engage the powerful sense of touch and capture the attention of audiences to create deeper emotional connections with brands and products.

H•Media for Lifestyle

Embedding the H•Media SDK, advertisers can create unforgettable digital experiences to capture and monetize viewer attention and increase brand stickiness by adding “materiality” in the immaterial world of the internet.

Experience the Future of Digital Media

Try Haptagram app for a new level of media experience. Our AI technology creates real-time, multi-sensory experiences to deepen emotional feedback. Join the digital media revolution now.

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